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Digital Advertising for Wine and Spirits

Turn Clicks into Customers with Confidence

Enjoy a higher return on your Facebook and Instagram ad spend with confidence using our Turnkey Lead Gen System.

These days, anyone can advertise on Facebook and Instagram.

But ads can get EXPENSIVE if you do not get a RETURN on your ad spend.

To rise above the intense competition, wineries & distilleries need a simple, effective strategy that helps them SELL MORE wine/spirits.

We have successfully used FB/IG ads to gain HUNDREDS of paying customers in our OWN business so we absolutely know what we are doing. Let us show you!

woman with wine glass
WHY most wine & spirits ads on Facebook and Instagram DO NOT work:

 1. Confusing “engagement” (likes, clicks, comments, and shares) with SALES RESULTS

 2.  Your ads look like ads

 3. Making your brand the hero of the story instead of the customer

 4. Targeting too broad of an audience

 5.  Overestimating your ability to convert social fans & followers into paying customers

 6.  Utilizing a “push” (a.k.a. spray-and-pray) approach when what works best is a “PULL” strategy

 7. Asking prospective customers to make a purchase too early in the relationship

Our Turnkey Lead Gen System

A "pull" strategy that helps you SELL MORE wine/spirits

How it works

Effective digital advertising is about finding the right customers (via expert targeting and testing) and taking them on a journey. If you try to sell too early in the relationship, you will waste a lot of advertising dollars. 

The best way to do this is to advertise to attract “leads” and, over time, build a relationship with them (using email marketing) until they eventually BUY.

We use high-quality/high-value lead magnets and advertise to them using Facebook “Lead Ads” to get these potential customers to “opt in” to your email list. 

KEY: you advertise with Facebook and Instagram; you SELL using email marketing

What are Leads?

Leads are potential customers who have willingly and happily “opted in” to your offer to start a relationship with them. They are email subscribers but not just ANY email subscribers. These are subs with a very high intention of making a purchase at some point.

What are Lead magnets?

A lead magnet is something of value (guide, checklist, cheat sheet, etc) that you offer to prospective customers for free in exchange for their email address Executed correctly, these are powerful tools to enlist well-qualified prospects into your subscriber list.

What our clients have to say:

Ted Emerson, Director of Marketing, Gonzalez Byass USA

“We love working with Ben and his team. They have a unique perspective and effective methods for using social media to generate leads and grow our email list. From creative to analytics, they do a great job. And they know the wine and spirit business inside out.”

Ted Emerson, Director of Marketing, Gonzalez Byass USA

“Ben and his team have helped us strategically and tactically to affordably generate sales leads using Facebook’s powerful lead generation ads.”

Mindy Oliver, Owner, Croma Vera Wines, Paso Robles

Mindy Oliver, Owner, Croma Vera Wines, Paso Robles
Lee Griffith, Director of Sales/Distiller, Boot Hill Distillery, KS

“It’s a digital jungle out there and Ben and his team provide all of the right vines to swing on. As a seller of spirits out in the middle of nowhere, I learned to easily find and communicate with buyers I’ve never seen in person before in the most effective way possible.”

 Lee Griffith, Director of Sales/Distiller, Boot Hill Distillery, KS

“Since engaging Ben and his team, they have laser-focused our social media spend on Facebook from general information, pushing-of-our-brand to generating specific, on-point trade leads complete with telephone number and emails.”

Todd Gregory, Co-Founder and COO, Black Eyed Distilling, TX

Todd Gregory Co-Founder, BlackEyed Distilling
Casey Graybehl, Grenachista Wines

“Facebook advertising has given us much needed lead generation and in the current wine sales marketplace, small brand recognition is vital to DTC Sales. The bang-for-your-buck just doesn’t compare.”

Casey Graybehl, Owner, Grenachista Wines, CA

Ben Salisbury - Salisbury Creative Group

Let's Talk!

Hi, I’m Ben Salisbury, founder of Salisbury Creative Group, Inc. I’ve spent more than 36 years in wine & spirits sales for some of the largest companies in the industry. My team and I have helped MANY small wineries and craft distilleries get the most from their FB/IG advertising budgets and we can help you, too!

Please fill in the form below and Ben will reach out to you with more information:

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