In a short period of time working with Ben, he has immediately helped us develop our “New Playbook” for the next decade. I highly recommend Ben. You won’t go wrong. One of the best decisions I have made in this difficult time.  Ron Rubin, Ron Rubin Winery

Ben Salisbury is way ahead of the curve in how wines will be marketed now and in the future.  His counsel and wisdom have changed how we do business going forward.  He has helped us refine our approach to sales and our view of expanding our footprint. He has a forward-looking view on the new age of selling wine and bringing important trade relationships in house rather than rely so much on distributors to continue to over promise and under-deliver.  Additionally, he has helped us develop our web and social media presence to target our demographic both for trade customers and retail customers.  I highly recommend Ben and his counsel.  It has made a measurable difference in our business.  Jimmy Gallivan, Founder/CEO, Crazy Beautiful Wines

I’ve been working in the wine and spirits industry for over two decades. I have not worked with anyone that has Ben’s depth of knowledge about the wine and spirits industry combined with his remarkable CRM knowledge. Many of us know what we want a report to tell us, but we struggle to create that perfect report, he creates it. It’s as simple as explaining what information you want and wonderfully it just appears. His assistance has been invaluable. If you are considering hiring a full time analyst, don’t. You will get everything you need from Ben and it will be available almost immediately.   Jim Boswell, EVP/Director of Sales, Ferrari-Carano Vineyards & Winery

If you are looking to review and refine your approach to sales and distribution within the US market, I would highly recommend Ben Salisbury.  His combination of experience and new thinking gave us clear insights to what we should be doing, he helped develop our plan, focus us on making sales, and through his extensive networks helped identify great people we brought on board to execute our plans.  Jo Pearson, former GM of Marketing & Sales, Sacred Hill Winery, New Zealand

Ben is a seasoned professional with a vast and rich knowledge of all tiers of the wine and spirits industry in the United States of America. Having explained to Ben our background, philosophy, values and vision, Ben was quick to grasp the what, when, where, who and how’s which we required to build our business model and plan for growth. Ben helped with strategy implementation and guided the team against the execution of the plan.

Ben’s knowledge and competence with software and CRM provided additional help and support to an enthusiastic team. The added value Ben brought to my team and the organization was everything and more we could have hoped for. Quite apart from being the consummate professional on home base, out in the market with my team or on an overseas mission, Ben is a true gentleman and a wonderful individual with whom I have enjoyed sharing a bottle of wine with on many occasions.
Gerard Bertrand, Owner/Founder, Gerard Bertrand Winery, South of France

We have been extremely impressed with Ben Salisbury and his team at Salisbury Creative. Ben’s innovative thinking has led to numerous initiatives that have challenged our sales team to think more strategically about sales. Ben’s experience in the distribution world has been immensely valuable along with his mentorship to our sales team. He’s forced us to challenge the status quo and in doing so has armed our team to be as efficient as possible with laser like focus which has made our sales team more successful”.
Caine Thompson, former General Manager for Locations by Dave Phinney

We have worked with Ben for two years. In that time, he has conscientiously worked with us to evaluate our sales strategy and to expand current markets and develop new ideas for growth. He and his staff are always courteous and a wealth of information and suggestions. Thanks to his help, robust industry knowledge and connections, we have been able to expand into new revenue streams and develop new pathways for expanded sales. We strongly recommend his service.
Christa Claar Whitelatch, Managing Partner, Claar Wine Group

The Salisbury Creative Group has proven to a valued partner for us in our effort to grow our national accounts business. Their long-range strategic thinking helped us create a solid foundation on which build sustainable plans for both both short-term and long-term success.
Barry Marek, VP, National Sales Manager for Fetzer Vineyards

Ben Salisbury combines rich business insights with practical, management experience. His work is engaging, thorough and stirring; I leave Ben’s presentations both laughing and inspired.
Tony Baldini, President, Hahn Family Wines